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Crochet Hats

Crochet Hats

I had a request from George last year for a hat with a beard attached. Well, I finally got around to it recently. When looking for a pattern for that I came across “The Russian Ladies” Little Girls Cloche Hats pattern. She does the most beautiful girls hats. The only problem was the directions were in Russian. Google did a pretty good job translating, but it was still difficult to follow. Further research led me to “Off the Hook”. She has really figured out the pattern. This was very helpful, lots of pictures.  I made them for my northern grand children. I hope they like them.

Hats 1 AddieHats 2 EvieHats 3George

I can’t wait to see how they like them!



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Bento Lunch Bags

I took a break from my classes and had fun with a request from my daughter. I made Insulated Bento Lunch Bags for Addie and George. Kerry had gotten them these Bento Boxes, but they did not fit in their lunch boxes. Bento boxes are a Japanese tradition. From preschool to the elders, they bring their home cooked meal packed in a Bento box.

2015-09-05 09.58.56 2015-09-07 11.20.06 2015-09-07 11.53.33

The Pattern came from “Zakka Handmades” by Amy Morinaka. This book has so many cute little projects in it. This one just need some adjusting to the size to accommodate the size boxes Kerry had gotten.

When Kerry and Addie had visited me this past summer, Addie and I made a dress for Evie. It took a long time for Addie to pick out just the right fabric for this dress. I decided this would be the perfect fabric for Addie’s Bento Box. They were a hit with both of them!

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Heirloom Sewing Class

Here are some of the items made is this class.

Laptop Bag 1

Laptop case for Kerry

IMG_4560IMG_4565_800x1200 IMG_4567_1600x1067

Cape Back 2 Cape Front 1


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Where does the time go?

I can’t believe it has been two years since my last post! I have been sewing, just not posting. I also have to fess up and say I never got any more than the first two squares done in my quilt project. Every month for a little more than a year a package would arrive in the mail and I would get excited. This was quickly followed by a feeling of dread when I looked at the collection of neat little bundles of fabric in the basket. Someday!!!

I have taken a Serger Class on line from Martha Pullen. This was a lot of fun, I learn a lot about my serger, boy it can do so much more than just finish the edges. It has been fun to incorporate what I learned from the class into other sewing projects.

I have also taken Martha Pullen’s Heirloom Sewing Class, this was a lot of fun. It was a little more involved then the serger class.There are so many great projects that go with each of these classes. Upon finishing the classes I can teach, it might be fun to do when I retire.

Here are a some pictures of my serger class projects

Bib 2     Bib 1


Bonnet 3Easy Serger Pieced QuiltGown & JacketJewelry Keeper 2Jewelry Keeper 3  Jewelry Keeper for travel

Pillow 2

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PJ’s for George!

I made these PJs a couple of weekends ago, just didn’t get to posting them until now.

I purchased this fabric two years ago for my grandson George. Of course he was only three at the time and I was sure the fabric would be appreciated. Now that he is a big boy of Five soon to be Six, I am not sure how he will feel about the pattern now. I can only hope that how soft the fabric is will make up for the print.

I used a pattern from the book “Sewing for Boys” by Shelly Figueroa and Karen LePage. This was the first pattern I have sewed from this book and I was quite pleased with the directions, easy to follow.

I did add the piping to the cuffs and legs for some more interest. It gave me another chance to work with my piping foot for both my Serger and my sewing machine. I love how the Serger, works for piping!

There are many more patterns in this book that are on my “To Do List”, which of course just keeps getting longer and longer.

PJ for GeorgePJ for George 2


Two Jumpers make for a Wonderful Weekend!

Last weekend I took a whole day to myself! I had so much fun! I swore I was going to stay in my PJs all day. But I did chicken out, and got dressed. (What if someone came to the door?)

I managed to put together jumpers for two of my granddaughters, Sophie and Cassie. I did some knitting while watching two Lifetime Movies. It was wonderful, I have decided I need to do this more often.

The first jumper I made was for Sophie. I don’t know if other sewers do this but my sister and I are always swapping a material back and forth. I will see a piece in her stash that I can just imagine something in and I take it. She does the same with my stash. Well, we have been passing this particular piece of material back and forth for what seems like years. I could just picture a jumper made out of it but never got to it.

Sophie Jumper material 1






I am not sure what type of material it is, it has a little stretch to it and is heavier than cotton. It lays really nice and best of all will not need ironing.









I have had this pattern for awhile, when the first dress I tried to make was not working. I decided it was time to put that jumper together. The pattern is an Olabelhe Pattern called Jillian’s Jumper. I love her patterns.


sophie jumper material 3

I found a piece of fabric that was just right for the underskirt. So I was all set to go. I am really pleased with how it came out! We will see what Sophie says when she comes tonight.

Sophie Jumper material 2

The finished product!

Sophie Jumper

Now for Cassie, I had bought this fabric awhile back not sure what I was going to do with it, it just called to me. I could have done the same pattern, but what fun is that. I decided to do a different Olabelhe Pattern, her Jenna’s Dress pattern. I decided not to put the big sash on it as I wanted a more school day jumper. I was a little bit disappointed in the length. It seems so short compared to other dresses I have made. Sorry, but the lighting wasn’t right for this picture. The material is lighter than it appears. We shall see tonight if the length is right…..

Cassie Jumper PatternCassie Jumper Material Cassie Jumper Material 2

The finished product…..

Cassie Jumper backCassie Jumper



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A Summer Top

I know it has been awhile, since I blogged, I have been sewing and knitting, just not getting to put it in my blog. I have a few for today. I finally took some pictures this morning. Knowing that some of my granddaughters will be here tonight kind of gave the push I need to get that part done.

I was looking for an easy top to make for my granddaughters when I ran across this pattern for a wrap reversible top. It is from “Clever Charlotte” and the pattern is called sandpiper capri & top.

Top Pattern

It went together so quick and easy! I used material left over from the summer outfits I had made for Sophie and Cassie. I know there will be a lot of these in the future for my grandchildren.

TopTop Back


A Purse for Vanessa!

My granddaughter, Sarah, came over for the weekend. She wanted to do some sewing with me and to catch up on some TV watching with Grampa. We all had such a great time!

Sarah wanted to make a purse for Vanessa, her step-mom. I thought for sure I would be making a purse for her once Sarah lost interest. Well I certainly was proven wrong! Sarah sewed the whole purse, with just direction from me. She has grown so much..

Purse pattern

I had used this “Letty’s Bag” pattern a number of times and have received nothing but compliments on it. I thought it would be the perfect one for Sarah to try. We got right at it on Friday afternoon after work and before supper we had it pretty much together. All we were lacking were the grommets in order to put the straps on.

She was pretty excited and couldn’t wait to give it to Vanessa. We easily finished it up for her to take it home with her on Sunday afternoon.

Purse for VanessaPurse for Vanessa 2

The second picture just does not do it justice, there are so many neat pockets inside.

She even fitted in another project which I forgot to get pictures of. It was of an embroidery stuffed owl. I will have get her to send me a picture.


Sunflower Dress

I saw this dress in May/June 2013 issue of “Sew Beautiful” magazine. I have wanted to make it since then. I finally got a chance to start it last weekend.

Sunflower Dress 4

I had an Olabelhe pattern that I really liked and thought it would work out well for this dress. It was the pattern I used on “Addie’s Springtime Dress”. I used the pattern for the top and just added the two rows of gathering. Boy the serger is a great way to do your gathering for a job like this. I do need more practice with this though.

Well, all was going well until I tried to put it on my 7-8 manikin. It didn’t fit! I am not sure how it happen, but the top is only a size 5. I checked the pattern and I used the 7-8. I am not sure where I went wrong, but this the first time I have been disappointed in one of Olabelhe patterns. If I hadn’t made that exact top before I would say it was the pattern, but I am afraid it was operator error. That is OK I am sure I can find a little girl who would love this dress. I decided to only add two rows of gathering, as for the smaller size three would back it too long.

Sunflower Dress 1Sunflower Dress 2Sunflower Dress 3


Summer Outfit One and Two!

I made these yellow outfits for Sophie and Cassie last month, but never got to post them. This fabric caught my eye and I purchased it not really knowing what I wanted to do with it. I had these patterns from “Violette Field Threads” for a while and was just waiting for a chance to use them. The yellow fabric seemed like the perfect fit. The top Pattern is “Ginger” and the bottom is a modified version of “Lucy”. When I gave them the outfits, it was kind of funny. Sophie said she loved the outfit but next time could I please make the knee part smaller and could I make the pants go to her ankles. Cassie on the other hand thanked me for putting the elastic in the back so she could breathe.

  Sophie’s Outfit    

Summer Out fit Yellow Front

      Sophie’s Outfit back.

(It is hard to tell but there is three row of elastic in the back to of course allow them to breath.)

Summer Out fit Yellow back

         Cassie’s Outfit

Summer Out fit Yellow Cassie

Well, every time I saw them following getting the outfits that was what they were wearing. I had some other fabric that would work well with those patterns, so I decided to make them another outfit each. I took some of what Sophie asked into consideration by making the pants a little narrower at the knees. I just couldn’t see pants in this hot weather.

Sophie’s Outfit Two

Summer Outfits Two a
















Cassie’s Outfit Two

Summer Outfits Two

   They came by this week and I managed to get a quick picture of them before they headed out with the outfits in hand. Jennifer says that now they have something to wear while one is in the wash. Kids are so funny!

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